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Teen Karate Class
"more than just karate"

Our teen classes focus on drills that develop and keep a teenagers interest in martial arts. Teens take a special method of instruction. Those that take the class love it! Even those that start out shy or have other issues to deal with find karate to be their thing, especially for those young adolescences who don't like team sports, are not jocks and find it hard to fit in other places -- Karate is there for them. Our curriculum is designed to build every students self worth. We do this with enthusiasm and dedication. Teens learn differently than children or adults and therefore we challenge them with more material. We provide handouts that can be used to inspire them with information they can relate to. These are just the beginning of the types of material we provide you and your family. We promise you that you will be challenged to grow physically and mentally by our programs.


Our teen karate classes include

the following activities…

Prepare the Body
Aerobics +Weight Toning +Plymetrics
Ballet Stretching +Strength training+Boxing Skills

Develop Skill & Agility

Learn a quick dependable

method of self defense

Jiu Jitsu
Learn the basic "Locks And Twists"
Develop "breakfall" skills
Develop "Joint Lock Manipulation"

Ground self defense

Self Defense Techniques
The Heart of Kenpo
Specific "sets" define defensive reaction & tactics
to all types of threatening situations

Character Building Principles
Develop Spirit, confidence and self esteem
Develop personal traits that respond to life's challenges

Students who study our online

training material learn faster

and retain more.


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