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Children's Self Defense Technique All Now Online

Beginner through Advanced Level

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Program Requirements for Junior Black Belt

Marty Martin's Kenpo Set Karate.

This manuel outlines the basic's, kata, self defense techniques,

sparring and oral recite drills for advancement from

beginner to Black Belt, it does not describe the moves.


The DVD's and Books listed below provide an in-depth

analysis and outline step-by-step how the

Kenpo Set Karate techniques work and karate principles used.

Set Description
DVD Preview

Jr. Self Defense Set One:

Your child is being picked on…what do you do? Someone grabs their shirt and gets in their face, a kid on the play ground grabs them from behind, a bully grabs them by the throat – they are choking you child…“Self Defense Set One” teaches them how to protect them self against these attacks plus  more!!!  Don’t let them get beat up, lose their self esteem or worse – help them learn how to defend themselves with the information in Profesor Marty Martin’s Children’s Self Defense Training Series.


Jr. Self Defense Set Two:

Your child has started martial arts training…but there is more…lots more! How many ways can they get into a scuffle? This set continues to teach your child to protect themselves against a kid on the play ground who twists their arm behind their back, a bully who tries to twist their wrist – don’t stop what you’ve started…“Self Defense Set Two” teaches them how to protect them self against a  bearhug, kicks, a headlock and more!!!  Keep building their knowledge of self defense - watch their confidence grow!


Jr. Punching Set One:

You tried your best to teach your child to talk their way out of a confrontation, to walk away but suddenly here comes a punch – how will they respond? How many ways can someone throw a punch at them? Let Profesor Martin teach them what to do. Learn how to defend against someone who just swings wildly, throws a 1-2 punch or is more powerful than they are! “Jr. Punching Set One” demonstrates techniques which will provide your child with an excellent starting place defending against another kid who tries to punch them.


Jr. Knife Set One:

This can be one of the most dangerous situations anyone can be confronted with much less a child. Learn how to respond with “Knife Set One” which teaches you how to defend themselves against stabs, the knife slash and back-slash, thrusts and the gutting attack, 10 different techniques in this set alone. A great starter set for defending against a weapons attack!!! Learn step by step with Profesor Marty Martin as your personal instructor.


Jr. Two Attackers:

Bully’s can bring their friends for backup! Are two of them going to push, grab or try to hit your child? There’s someone in front of and behind them at the same time, now what? They grab your child by the wrist and try to force them around – how do they get out of these situations? Let Profesor Martin teach them how to apply the “small circle” of Kenpo Jiu Jit Su if they are grabbed; learn how to turn one attacker against the other. Learn a simple way to kick one attacker and punch the other at the same time. Learn to protect themselves against more than one attacker - this is the “Jr. Two Attackers Set”.



5 Books's one low price:


Jr. Self Defense Set One, Jr. Self Defense Set Two, Jr. Punching Set One, Jr. Knife Set One, Jr. Two Attackers




Thes 5 DVD's on a data disc for transsfer to your IPOD:


Self Defense Set Two, Punching Set Two, Knife Set Two Self Defense Set Three, Punching Set Three


Jr. Self Defense Set Three:
Its time to move to the next level!  It’s time to start training at the advanced level. Take them to the next level! Get Self Defense Set Three and lets get started! Your child will learn how to defend the overhead attack, learn a spinning sweep to take the attacker flat to their back, learn how to use the bo sweep takedown, defend from a kneeling position and more. It’s the beginning of the advanced material in Profesor Martin’s Children’s Self Defense Training Series.


Jr. Self Defense Set Four:
What if? Your child has learned some self defense but is now asking the “What if” question. What do I do if my attacker doesn’t do exactly what I thought they were going to? What if what I’m doing isn’t working? Well - don’t let the what if get the best of them  – learn variations to many of the attacks and self defense techniques from self defense set one and two taught by Profesor Marty Martin. Learning these variations is a must for building their confidence and advancing their ability to adapt!


Jr. Punching Set Two:
There is always more than one way to get the job done! “Punching Set Two” expands your child’s training at a more advanced level developing more confidence and giving them more options for handling that bully who tries to punch them. Training hard, developing confidence and learning more just keeps building confidence, sense of self worth and pride. Keep your child going they are just two “Sets” away from the knowledge needed to achieve the level of a “Junior Black Belt”!


Jr. Knife Set Two:

Your child has learned a solid and basic knowledge of knife defense from “Knife Set One”, now its time to become even more effective! Its time to learn the basic joint locks and twists of Kenpo Jiu Jit Su and the principles of “Arnis” weapons control. This DVD breakdown is in-depth and goes step by step helping them learn in detail the "how-to" of joint lock manipulation giving you even more control over a knife wielding attacker. Based on the attack types they learned in the first knife set DVD, this one expands their knowledge base even more!!!


Jr. Self Defense Set Five:

Time to finish your child’s training! This set starts by teaching your child how to defend against a hair grab, defend a grab punch combination, teach variations against the choke and bear hug, how to release wrist locks from behind plus five more techniques. Finish this set and when combined with the other sets in Profesor Martin’s Children’s Self Defense Training Series your child will have gained the self defense set knowledge base of a Junior Black Belt in Kenpo Set Karate.

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