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Black Belt Sparring Series

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Black Belt Sparring One:

The material in this DVD starts right from the “Critical Distance Line – CDL” and builds. Bryan and Randall show you how to apply the CDL to blitzing, clockwork footwork drills and more. The entire DVD teaches you how to be the smartest fighter in the ring! Build your skills, timing and confidence all with the goal of helping you win more! 

Black Belt Sparring Two:

This DVD explains how important developing a proper chamber is, how fast you can move forward with it and the explosive kicks competitors can develop using it. Learn to disguise which kick is coming with this chamber and use it to set up your blitz attacks. Develop explosive response with the “Touch and go drill” a favorite of Bryan ’s. The 2nd of the five set series this is a must for developing explosive kicking!


Black Belt Sparring Three:

Learn how to control the ring, establish proper distance and timing from both the center and outside of the ring. Learn how to recognize the types of fighters you will face and control them to score more points. Learn “fight or flight” and visualization to improve your performance. Learning to control the ring will definitely give you the winning edge!


Black Belt Sparring Four:

Learn how to use angles and the ring corners when sparring. This is hard to find knowledge and only comes directly from experienced fighters like Bryan . It’s here for you to learn before you take the ring. Randall covers three defensive tactics that are a must for every fighter – it’s not just what you know, it’s how you use it in the ring. Add this to your “ring control” and start winning even more!


Black Belt Sparring Five:


This DVD brings together what you learned in DVD’s I-IV. Bryan and Randall show you various set-ups that apply to the concepts from the Black Belt Sparring DVD series. They share from personal experience the types of fighters they have fought and defeated and how they did it. They also show you some of their personal favorite techniques that made them World Champions in NASKA.


Get these 5 volumes at one low price:


Black Belt Sparring Volumes 1-V, take your sparring to new scores with this information.


Beginner Sparring:

Learn standard fighting principles like: “Kicks cover the distance, punches score”, “Block with front hand, punch with the back hand” and more! This DVD addresses fighting stances, hand positions, distancing, snap-back blocking, and beginner level set-ups with explanations of fighting combinations. Details demonstrate snap-back blocking against punches, kicks and combinations; it offers combinations that demonstrate how to counter those combinations. A must for solid fighting skills development and instructors!

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