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Program Requirements for Adult Black Belt

Marty Martin's Kenpo Set Karate.

This manuel outlines the basic's, kata, self defense techniques,

sparring and oral recite drills for advancement from

beginner to Black Belt, it does not describe the moves.


The DVD's and Books listed below provide an in-depth

analysis and outline step-by-step how the

Kenpo Set Karate techniques work and karate principles used.

Set Description
DVD Preview

Self Defense Set Two:

What if? You’ve learned some self defense but your asking yourself the “What if” question. What do I do if my attacker doesn’t do exactly what I thought they were going to? What if what I’m doing isn’t working? Well - don’t let the what if get the best of you  – learn variations to many of the attacks and self defense techniques from self defense set one taught by Profesor Marty Martin. Plus learn the use of takedowns and how to work your opponent on the ground. Learning these variations is a must for building your confidence!           


Punching Set Two:

What if you find yourself confronted by a bully who just likes to fight? There is always more than one way to get the job done! “Punching Set Two” expands your training at a more advanced level teaching you the use of eight specific “Gung-Fu” traps and twelve additional Kenpo Set Karate punching defenses. These moves are a great supplement to any martial artist and especially enhance your timing and hand speed. The traps are a great setup for complimenting your other techniques, setup with a trap and follow-up with what you’ve already learned!


Knife Set Two:

You are confronted by an attacker who has a knife…you have learned a solid and basic knowledge of knife defense from “Knife Set One”, now its time to become even more effective! Its time to learn the basic joint locks and twists of Kenpo Jiu Jit Su and the principles of “Arnis” weapons control. This DVD breakdown is in-depth and goes step by step helping you learn in detail the "how-to" of joint lock manipulation giving you even more control over your knife wielding attacker. Based on the attack types you learned in the first knife set DVD, this one expands your knowledge base even more!!!

preview Knife Set Two

Self Defense Set Three:

What if the situation you trained for changes? What if an attacker tries to pull your hair? Pushes you or grabs your shoulder and intends to punch your lights out! “Self Defense Set Three” answers those questions plus teaches you even more options for techniques you have already learned in the Self Defense Training Series. More options means you can be better prepared for whatever attack you may be confronted with. More options means more ways to defend when the situations change. Being prepared is better than not being ready to defend yourself or your family. Get more – get “Self Defense Set Three”.

preview Self Defense Set Three

Punching Set Three:

The more you know – the more options you have. This set provides just that, more knowledge, more information, more options! Directed toward the “Advanced” or Brown Belt level of training this is information you need to achieve the Black Belt. Many of these techniques are rooted in the higher level Kenpo Karate Kata’s, as such this instructional breakdown guides you to a higher understanding of advanced moves while furthering your skill and knowledge. “You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn more” Profesor Marty Martin.

preview Self Defense Set Three




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