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Kicking Defenses:

No defensive training would be complete without a set of techniques teaching you how to defend against opponents who kick! This DVD presents those defensive tactics in detail and at performance speed. Learn to defend the spinning back kick, common kicking and kick-punch combinations. Learn to use your belt to tie up your opponents kicking leg and how to defend from the kneeling position. 

Discover 20 techniques in 35 minutes.

Trapping Set Special:


This DVD contains the "Gung Fu' traps taught as part of Punching Set Two. Great training material for those interested in learning how to "trap" your opponents arms and counter punch quickly. A great addition to advanced Kenpo technique as these moves can be used to set up Kenpo extensions or as the extension itself!


Need or want to improve your vertical leap?

Want to develop more explosiveness?

Plyometrics for kids is a fun and exciting series of 6 skills and 9 drills that will help you or your students be more explosive, be able to jump higher, farther and move faster!!! I personally have used these drills for years with my kids and the results are proof positive in their performance.

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