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Kenpo Jiu Jiutsu Beginner/Intermediate Level DVD Training Series

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DVD Subject Information

Basic Locks and Twists Vol. 1:

Volume 1 covers the five wrist control locks and flexes plus the “draws” for releasing grabs from the most common attempts your opponent may use to grab and control you.  This information emphasizes how joint lock manipulations are used to reverse and release grabs, control your opponent and “lock” their joints so the more they resist the tighter the “lock”. This knowledge gives you the edge; it works on application not strength. Technique description is in depth giving you complete step by step instruction and application.

DVD: $24.95

Basic Locks & Twists Vol. 1:


Learn how to apply joint lock twists, armlocks and finishing chokes. Many of the moves in the “twists” are the extensions of the “draws”, each set compliments the other. Armlocks are a must. When you get the attackers arm you need to be able to apply armlocks to reverse control of your attacker. And of course this set would not be complete if you didn’t have access to the knowledge of how to “choke” your attacker out. This section teaches you how to properly apply “chokes” from different positions – with this knowledge you can apply a finishing move from more than just behind your attacker.

DVD: $24.95

Practical Application:

After completing the “Basic Locks and Twists” DVD series, Coach Martin shows you numerous ways to use this knowledge in practical application. Learn how to use your moves against both uncontrolled and committed attacks. Learn how to work off Coach Martin’s Key Set blocks – setups for even more effective self defense. Learn more about “setting” chokes from self defense techniques. Coach Martin shows you how to set up a “wrist control” drill that you can vary and practice that forces you to develop spontaneous free flow moving from one wrist control technique to another.

DVD: $24.95

Breakfalls of Karate:


Being able to fall without getting hurt means you’re still in the fight. In today’s world with access to more information on the web and more fight shows on television, everyone has more access to fighting methods. This means that if someone does attack you chances are that at some point they are going to try and take you down – if they do and you don’t know how to fall properly you’re at an immediate disadvantage. Coach Martin’s Breakfalls DVD teaches you the basic principles related to proper body position, when to slap, when to breath and proper head and chin tuck. Back, side and front falling position.

DVD: $24.95

Throws, Sweeps and Trips:

You may know the usual ways to takedown your attacker but what about the “Figure Four”, “Throat Throw” or “Cross Arm”? How can you shift your attackers balance using “sweeps” to setup your punches and kicks. Coach Martin teaches you how to protect yourself on the ground by setting up a method of tripping your attacker with the “Rolling Guard”. This is just a small sample of the material you will learn in this DVD. Coach Martin instructions provide an in depth breakdown of 14 different throws, seven different sweeps and the unique rolling guard from the ground.

DVD: $24.95

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