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Latest news posted through April 2019

April Black Belt Excellence this month "Responsibility"


April 1st-5th: distribute April events handout, distribute Black Belt Excellence worksheets, stripe testing and evaluations


April 19th: open for rewgular after school schedule as per the Bay Districts School calender


NOw taking sign-ups for summer camp 2019


Still enrolling for after school. Prices as low as $30 per week. Call 850-785-2024 for sign up.





After School 2019
Call for transportation and information 850-785-2024

Go to our after school page for details, click here

After School transportation update

We transport from Lynn Haven Elementary, Bay Haven Charter Academy, North Bay Haven, Mowat.


$40 dollars per week for after school with transportation.


Space is limited, first come first served, sign-up right away.



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FSU Fit Run April 6th 2015 - FSU Panama City Campus, we conducted kcikboxing for conditioning
Airsoft Training June 8th, 2013
Come join the fun with our airsoft training on June 8th. Bring your own gun and pellets. Subject areas will include safe handle and proper handling.
Thunderbirds at Gator Nationals May 17th and 18th

Gator Nationals May 2013

26 awards, 9 1st places

Nice showing team!!!

Thunderbirds at Visual Art Center Festival
April 2013  
Black Belt Promotions

April 2013


Congratulations to Kyle Rits for his passing his adult level black belt test in Kenpo Set Karate. Kyle will be attending engineering camp at the Air Force Academy this summer and his involvement in karate helped in his being selected.


Congratulations to Issac Rits for passing his Jr Black Belt test. Issac is a straight A student. He will be moving to the country of England this summer, he says he wants to open his own karate school - you go for it Issac!

Black Belt Promotions

Promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt Mr. Arlo Kane. As part of Arlo's test he wrote a training manuel outlining the principles related to Kenpo Katas Short and Long One.


Promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt Mr. Brian Reindl. Brian completed a training manual on using "Elbow Strikes" within self defense techniques as a part of his promotion material.

Promoted to Jr. 1st Black Belt Alex Rogers.


Promoted to Jr. 1st Black Belt Luke Station.


Both Alex and Luke demonstrated Boxing skills and defensive tatics plus Stand-up jiu jitsu skills. Both defended 100 self defense scenarios. Each defended multiple attackers for several minutes straight.

Thunderbirds at Panama City Toyota

Once again the Thunderbirds performed in support of Kids Safety sponsored by Panama City Toyota. The two day event offers safety information for parents, free finger printing for kids and children's activities. The event took place on December 18th. 2012  
Enter the Crucible. Now a division of the Karate Training Centers, the Crucible offers individuals a facility to train with crossfit methodologies. The instructor, Mike Mashburn is a level one certified instructor with 5 years experience. Join now and save. Members of one of our other programs should also ask about reduced prices.  
Thunderbirds win big...
Congratulations ot Coach Steven Smith and the Thunderbirds! The team won over forty awards at the 28th Annual Southern Classic Karate Tournament held in Columbus Georgia October 4th and 5th. Great showing to all, thank you to the parents who support our team.  
Chris Johnson Promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt


Congratulations Chris you have earned your 2nd Degree Black Belt. Chris's abilities as a instructor are only out weighted by his personality and humanity as a person. He cares deeply about the quality of the instruction he provides and the ability of those he instructs. These are truly the qualities of someone who has earned their rank. All of the staff at the Karate Training Centers are very proud of you.  
Thunderbirds at Battle of Atlanta...

The Thunderbirds national karate team from Marty Martin's Karate Training Center on Jenks Ave. in Panama City, FL recently competed in the 2012 Battle of Atlanta.  The Battle of Atlanta is one of several sport karate tournaments on the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) circuit, where the top athletes in the world compete.  Coach Steven Smith took four students, ranging in age and belt level, to this annual tournament where they excelled in their divisions.  The competitors accomplishments are as follows:

Christopher Johnson (15) Black Belt
  • 5th 14-15 Black Belt Boys Creative Weapons
  • 6th 14-15 Black Belt Boys Traditional Forms
Alexis Rogers (11) Black Belt Candidate
  • 1st 10-11 Advance Girls Traditional Weapons
  • 1st 10-11 Advance Girls Traditional Forms
  • 2nd 11-13 Advance Girls/Boys Creative Forms
Venus Gonzales (7) Red Belt
  • 1st 6-7 Intermediate Girls Traditional Forms
  • 2nd 6-7 Intermediate Girls Sparring
  • 4th 7 & under Girls/Boys all belts Traditional Weapons
  • 4th 10 & under Girls all belts Creative Weapons 
  • 5th 10 & under Girls all belts Creative  Forms
Dustin Williams (12) Yellow Belt
  • 1st 12-13 Beginner Boys Traditional Forms
  • 2nd 12-13 Beginner Boys Traditional Weapons


May 19th Pensacola Jiu Jitsu tournament...
Congratulations to our mens jiu jitsu team, Florida Marra Senki Jiu Jitsu team, for a very successful showing at the 1st Annual Jiu Jitsu tounament in Pensacola Florida. The team brought home eleven awards in both the Gi and No-gi divisions. Great job to the coach Albertos Da Silva!
BJJ Seminar ...
Come join us Saturday June 16th for a BJJ seminar with a great instructor in the sport of BJJ. Train with Sergio "Marra" Correa. Call for more details...850-785-2024.


April Belt Promotion...
Thank you to all the Black belts who helped with the April 14th Belt promotion and demonstration at Sheffield Park. Also thank you to Alex Rogers who came out and helped with self defense technique application as a partner. Thank you to all the parents and family members who attended what a great day.  
Thunderbirds National Karate Team Feb events...
The Thunderbirds performed on February 11th at the Boardwalk Beach resort and on Friday night February 24th at the Bay Wind Invitational. Their performances drew hugh applause from from the crowd. From venus Sword form to Coach Smith's high flying acrobatice kicks the team puts on a wonderful demonstration. Check back for show date in March and April.  
Moroccan Affiliate School...
Welcome to Mr. Nahal Ahmed our newest affiliate school, AL QODS DE SPORT located in Kenitra, Morocc The school provides martial arts lessons to underprivileged children in the local Kenitra area and an opportunity to learn martial arts (currently Marty Martin Kenpo Karate), build self-esteem, confidence and sound moral values. The school strives to provide the local youth an alternative to the streets.They also compete in local and Regional tournaments and so far his students have fared well.
Five new Kenpo Black Belts, December 2011...
Congratualtions to Mr. Josh Powell and Jake Miller for earning their 1st degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate a lifetime achievement !!!
Congratulations to our newest Jr. Black Belts, after a two hour test and being attacked in simulated street fight scenarios Jacob Eadie, Ryan Hooks and Trey Johnson successfully defended themselves!  
BJJ Classes and competition team..
Watch for exciting news about our new jiu jitsu classes and competition team coming in January 2012.
Meet Steven Smith new coach of the Thunderbirds...

Thunderbirds new coach

Steven Smith comes to the Thunderbirds with the highest marks a coach and experienced Black Belt can! Steven trained with Master Al Garza from Texas who is currently featured on the cover of MA Success Magazine. Mr. Smith filled the role at Al Garza's school as demonstration team leader, coach and choreographer. A role he filled for several years. Steven joined the United States Marine Corp in 2008 and is currently stationed at the naval installation on Panama City Beach as a dive instructor. Al Garza called Marty Martin and they talked about the Karate Training Centers, and it seemed to be a great fit for Steven’s experience and desire to continue doing what he loves best – coaching explosive karate demonstration teams like the Thunderbirds. The rest is a work in progress – Steven taking over the role of Thunderbirds coach from Mr. Martin who founded the team and has coached them to numerous national and world championships. Coach Martin comments that Steven can take this team to exciting new highs and leave a cadre of young instructors like Chris, Forrest and Sean to take over the XMA moves when his instructor dive tour at the navy base is over. Welcome to the new coach of the Thunderbirds Mr. Steven Smith.
Saturday Weapons Classes...
Saturday weapons classes  
Starting in September, every Saturday we will offer Bo training. Beginners from 9 to 10am, Intermediates from 10 to 11am. This is an introductory class therefore we will provide the Bo to borrow. Of course you can purchase your own.  
Kids Jiu Jitsu...
Starting in October we will be offering a children's introductory jiu jitsu class. This class size will be limited so please sign up at the front desk to reserve your childs slot. Times will be 10am to 11am every Saturday in October - if the interest is there we will continue the program.  
Our weapon for the month of October will be the Nunchaku. Mr Powell will be teaching this class.
Back to School Message...

Special request to all you kids returning to school in the next few weeks: If you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied because he/she doesn't have many friends or because they are shy or not as pretty or not dressed in the most "in" clothes - PLEASE step up. Say "Hi"or at least smile at them in the hallway. You never know what that person might be facing outside of school. Your kindness might just make a BIG difference in someone's life!


Parents and black belts get this message out!

This message was posted to my facebook account by one of the moms and I love it, now let's all just encourage it to happen!

After-school 2011-2012 now enrolling call 850-785-2024...
For all the details follow this link...After-school karate page
MMA Conditioning and Skills class...
In addtion to our regular MMA classes, we now offer conditioning and skills development class Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 6:30 to 7:30pm. This is primarialy a conditioning class for entry level fighters. The skills development class will work on stand-up, wrestling and jiu jitsu skills.  
Matt Jernigan Wins debut MMA fight...
Panama City MMA
Panama City MMA

Winner - Matt Jernigan wins his first amateur MMA fight. Stepping into the octagon to fight, Matt over-whelmed his opponent less than a minute into the second round. The referee stopped the fight by TKO awarding Matt the win. A salute also goes to his coach Chance Fine for having Matt so well prepared. Also thanks to Timmy, Dave, Tyler, Ruben and Kate his sparring partners. Winning in MMA is a team training effort. The Karate Training Centers MMA program presented very impressively – it’s a Cage Life for me.

Josh Powell earns Gracie promotion...
Josh Powell Gracie Blue Belt   Josh Powell earned his official Blue Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Congratulations Josh you did a wonderful job and should be super proud. You have accomplished a major goal toward not only improving your Jiu Jitsu skills but moving toward your goal of the coveted Gracie recognition!
Randall Anderson visits Karate Training Center...
Randall Andreson World Champion
We had a nice surprise Randall stopped by the center while on his way home to Tennessee. Randall is currently active duty Coast Guard. Randall trained here when he was stationed at the coast guard station Panama City Beach and helped coach all our sparring classes. Randall won numerous NASKA world championship fights as an active fighter in NASKA. You can see him perform in our free sparring video section. Also pictured is Tricia who still teaches here and was a National champion at the same time Randall was.
Venus Gonzalez wins 2nd at Battle of Atlanta...
Venus Gonzalez Battle of Atlanta

Venus Gonzalez shows the awards she won at this year’s Battle of Atlanta. This was Venus very first karate tournament ever. She won second place in traditional forms and third in weapons and creative forms. We at the Karate Center are very proud of her accomplishments. Wining in national level competition your first time in competition says you have the ability to be very special and Venus is.

Women's Self Defense Seminar...
Womens Self Defense Seminar

Woman’s Empowerment Seminar. Where: Panama City Health Club When: Monday June 27th Time: Kate Lilly and Coach Martin presented a 90 minute

seminar on fitness, nutrition and defensive tactics. The ladies got to practice basic jiu jitsu skills for defense from the standing and prone positions.

Lynn Haven Library Seminar...
Chris Johnson and Alex Rogers volunteered their time to help with Lynn Haven library's world day providing information about Karate and martial arts history.
Lynn Haven Library
Marty Martin Seminar...
Marty Martin presented self defense tips to the ladies who attended Gulf Coast Chiropractic and Rehabilitation open house.
Womens Self Defense Seminar
Really keep cool this summer...

Place your order for our official Sport-tek dri-fit Karate Training Center t-shirt. Our latest design comes in white -

a cool color for summer! The logo is black and silver, it really looks super sharp, its clean and very distinctive.

Sport-tek dri-fit Port Authority $24.99.


If you prefer something more traditional then we offer a 50/50 Port O Call t-shirt, cost $12.99 including tax. 

I encourage you to order two especially if you train a lot or you can wear these outside the center to show your affiliation

with Marty Martin Karate.

Summer Camp Underway...

Our summer camp is in full progress, there are a couple slots available for the month of June. Please call for details.

This month Tuesday Nerf Wars, Wed. Pier Park movie day, Thursday water day, Friday Surprize day, weapons classes

daily - the month of June will include Sword Classes. Come join the fun and make this a fun filled summer for all!!!


More pictures posted on our facebook page...Facebook

GST with Rener Gracie
Marty Martin and Rener Gracie Many thanks to Carlos Diaz from Destin MMA for hosting the Gracie GST seminar on May 13th. Rener was superb and the information was priceless. Got in a four hour workout with Rener and my partner Dave Delaney.
Tyndall AFB Youth Center Promotions
Mr Powell's first class of beginner students graduated on Friday May 6th in a performance and belt promtion ceremony held at the youth center.
Tyndall Promotions
Supporting those who can't support themselves...
Members of the Thunderbirds performed Saturday April 30th in support of St Andrews Bay Center Spring Fling to raise money for the center.

Summer Day Camp SIGN UP NOW!

What are your kids doing this summer?

Kids at the Karate Training Center will enjoy “Movie Day”, "Water Day", crafts, outdoor activities, x-box Kinect Sports, martial arts plus more!

$75 dollars for the per week. Children bring their own lunch. Snacks and drinks provided.

Space is limited, first come first served, sign-up right away. Drop-ins $25 dollars per day.

Starts May 20th, 2011
Monday through Friday: 7:30am till 5:30pm

1st Quarter 2011 Belt Protion and Picnic
More pictures of the day on our facebook page...go there
Congratulations to Zack Kubisz

Our new Black Belt at the Karate Training Centers.

Zack Kubisz earned his Jr. Black Belt and now joins our other Black Belts at the karate center. Way to go Zack!!

Ides of March, Pro MMA Fights
March 15th, Panama City Beach. Chance Fine wins 2nd round TKO.

Another Successful Spring Break Camp
UFC Fighter Jeremy May

Coach Martin with UFC fighter Jeremy May.


Beef O Brady’s Fight night Feb. 26th. Coach Martin with UFC fighter Jeremy May. Jeremy will be fighting at the Boardwalk on March 15th. Jeremy was a member of the hit TV show TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) season 7 on Team Rampage. Tom Huggins fight promoter dropped by Beefs while promoting the upcoming fights.

Thunderbirds at 3rd Annual Bay High Invitational

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Members of the Thunderbirds participated in the 3rd Annual Bay High Invitational at Bay High on Feb 25th. All had a great time and our current youngest Thunderbird Venus who is 5yrs old did super! The event hosted 14 teams of various disciplines including, the Bay High Band, gymnastics, etc. A special shout out to Robin McNew for inviting us. Well this kicks off our season which promises to be a fun filled year!
Eli Bells Winning Attitude

Take your karate confidence into whatever you do, I believe in being the best you can be at whatever you want to try. Karate certainly doesn’t stop at our door when you leave – it becomes an integral part of your life.


Here is a “racer”. Eli Bell from our Afterschool program, winning his first race of the year, way to go Eli!

A future movie star? Check out the movie trailer for "The Remnant"! The movie is written and directed by one of my Black Belts Matt Peevy who was also on the Thunderbirds. I am very proud of Matt and predict we are seeing a star in the making! Watch closely in the trailer for his use of the sword, advanced martial arts skills and XMA. Check back for the movie release date and lets help Matt get his start in the movie business!!!

Help support St. Andrew Bay Center, “Splendor in the Glass” Serving Bay County’s Adults with Disabilities.
St. Andrew Bay Center brings together a unique blend of training, services
and support to over 200 individuals with developmental disabilities such
as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, spina bifida, autism and seizure
disorders. Join us for a very special event in support of the great work being
done right here in your community.
February 25, 2011
7:00 pm
The Palms
Panama City Beach, FL
Be a part of our 11th Annual Golden Gala!

Fantastic news, one of my karate students Isabella (Bella) Holtcamp is cancer free! Diagnosed with a rare spinal cancer Bella was pronounced cancer free on Jan 19th. Special thoughts go to her mom, Heather, who never gave up, believed in prayer and it would seem her prayers were answered. Bella we are all happy for you.

Coach Martin

Keeping Kids Safe Project
Members of the Thunderbirds doing their part.

Sponsord by Panama City Toyota

Advanced Black Belts

Congratulations to Mr. Arlo Kane (left) promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt Kenpo Set Karate


Congratulations to Mr. Bryan Reindl (right) promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt Kenpo Set Karate


Mr. Reindl is now certified to advance students in rank as a fully certified instructor and as such formal address is "Instructor".

New Black Belts

Our newest group of Black Belts at the Karate Training Center...

(kneeling from the left) Doug Benson, Matt Hunter, Ashley Brown, Matt Darnell, Jacob Fravel.

This young group proved their skills in an extensive 90 minute test (each) demonstrating the application of Kenpo self defense techniques on an attacker defending grabs, chokes, locks, punches, knife attacks and two attackers scenarios.

Tyndall AFB Youth Center Karate
The Karate Training Centers is now offering karate classes at the Tyndall AFB Youth Center. To join sign-up at the Tyndall youth center or for more details call the karate center at 850-785-2024. The instructor is Mr. Josh Powell - congratulations to Josh as he starts his career as one of our Karate Center instructors with his own program.
14th Annual International Martial Arts Festival results
Members of the Thunderbirds National Karate Team competed in the Coronado Springs Resort Convention Center October 29 and 30th against martial arts teams from Canada, Europe and South America. Competing in “Open XMA” (extreme martial arts), traditional forms, weapons and sparring eight members of the Thunderbirds won an overall 22 awards, inclusive of 12 first places. This year’s event was smaller than some past years however the festival still hosted several thousand competitors. Many of the Thunderbirds competed directly for the coveted first place award against members of Team Canada. Individual result posted on the Thunderbirds Home Page.
New Yellow Belts at the Karate Center
October 26th - Congratulations to our news group to achive their Yellow Belt! These students tested out of cycle and are ready to set their goals for greater accomplishements.
Jr. Museum Safety Day
Several members from the karate center helped at the Jr. Museum safety day - what a fun day it was. We performed numerous deomstrations with members from local law enforcement agencies, the US Coast Guard, and Bay Medical Staff. Thank you Luanne for asking us to be part of such a wonderful community project - Coach Martin

Karate Training Center - Logan Morgan, 2nd Degree Black Belt and one of the first students in our Panama City training center is leaving us to work on his Masters degree in graduate school. We have watched him grow into a fine young man and wish him all the best as he moves on to pursue his life. Logan “all the best in life” Marty and Vickie Martin

MMA Training Now Offered at the Karate Training Center

MMA – we now offer Mixed Martial Arts training. Our instructor is Mr. Chance Fine an experienced MMA fighter, coach and previous school owner. Any one interested in MMA training contact Mr. Fine who will provide you with the full details on the program. As this program grows we will be representing and be sponsored by Beef O Brady’s. Training is offered three times per week - 90 minute training sessions. Want to be an MMA Fighter? Here is your chance.

Karate Training Center - Welcome to Jan Netherland the newest black belt at the center. Joining our program from another Kenpo program Jan already earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt and is now looking to expand his training – Welcome to the Karate Training Center.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 2010 Fashionetta...

On June 5th several Thunderbird team members performed a short karate demonstration in support of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 2010 Fashionetta. We appreciate them asking us to be part of their annual event. Miss Arieon Gautier, a long term Thunderbird, Jr. Black Belt at the Karate Training Centers and last year’s winner of this event and was there to crown the 2010 winner. The event was held at the Martin Theatre downtown Panama City.

New SWAT Team members for the Summer Program...

Meet Sonny and CJ our newest Special Winning Attitude Team (SWAT) members. Both students are currently Jr. Purple Belts, both have made good grades in school and expressed the desire to become instructors so they are taking the first step in their goal joining the SWAT Team. They have the right attitude and enjoy helping others learn. They will be helping in the Summer weapons classes on Tuesday and Thursday plus teaching self defense techniques for those students who want extra help. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Gracie Seminar, Destin Florida, May 14-15, 2010

So Josh wasn’t on the floor a minute when Ryron Gracie walked up to him and said – “body clench”, Josh looked around like “who me”. Ryron looked at Josh like what are you waiting for. Both Josh and I got to work one-on-one with Ryron numerous times as he worked on our technique. What a great experience! I want to thank Carlos Diaz from Destin MMA for having us over. We worked Gracie Jiu Jitsu technique non-stop the entire time. There was a nice crowd, the room was full. We just missed the women’s empowered seminar however there were a lot of ladies in attendance. Can’t say enough about the Gracie program and how effective the techniques can be. Have to say that Carlos’s students were very professional. My philosophy has always been you need to keep educating yourself – don’t get trapped in your school. You need to see what works by working out with the best, competing against the best and becoming your best.

Visual Arts Center Festival of the Arts. May 1st, 2010

The Thunderbirds performed at the festival in support of Bay County performing arts. We had a great time while just trying out new things without the presuure of national competition and rankings. Hunter perfrmed for the first time (he is only five) although shy LOL he got out there and did it.

Karate Center Summer Schedule.  June, July and August 2010

For details and dates please follow this link for dates and times of Summer Camps, Weapons Speciality classes and our regular schedule.
Summer Schedule Link:


Kenpo Jiu Jitsu DVD Training Series.

My new Kenpo Jiu Jitsu DVD training series is now available. This is a 5 DVD set covering the “Basic Locks and Twist”, Practical Application, Breakfalls and Throws, Sweeps and Trips of Kenpo Jiu Jitsu.

Kameron Jones earns Kenpo Set Black Belt.

April 2nd, 2010. Congratulations to Cameron Jones who passed his Black Belt Test on April 2nd. Cameron completed the application of 250 diverse self defense techniques on an opponent in just 30 minutes straight. Also a word of praise goes to Arlo Kane who instructed Cameron’s “Brown Belt” advanced material – his first black belt student.

Sport Karate Strectching Manual

Coach Marty Martin's new stretching manual is complete and ready for delivery. The manual will be available as an e-book download at Cost will be $9.95 dollars. Subject areas include ballet style stretches, line drills, chamber drills for form and strength development, partner’s stretches, floor stretches plus suggested training routines. The opening comments address how to strengthen as you stretch. The manual is fully illustrated and has related skill levels for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Be sure to be one of the first to get this information. Go there now...

2009 Holiday Show

I love teaching children how to do Kenpo Self Defense. Here is a photo sequence of two of our five year old beginner’s defending the single hand choke, the technique "Hand of the Dragon" from our Jr. Self Defense Series. Pictures taken at the holiday show by Mrs. Angel Cox.

A big thank you to Mrs. Angel Cox for giving us some of the photos she took at the 2009 Holiday Demonstration and Belt Promotion. There are 60 pictures uploaded at our Facebook page. Follow this link to go there directly.

John Eddie now a United States Marine

We missed John Eddie at this year’s annual Holiday show, the first one he hasn't been at since he started training some eight years ago. We certainly are proud of him. He is now a United States Marine stationed in North Carolina. He may have to deploy to Afghanistan in May and our thoughts and prayers go with him as he serves our country. Semper Fi! John achieved the second degree black belt level, helped as an assistant instructor and was a long term team member of the Thunderbirds. In 2008 he was ranked 5th in the men’s light heavy weight black belt division in NASKA.

Posted December 18th, 2009

Adult Black Belts

Congratulations to the newest Adult level Black Belts; Matt Watson and Ben Tonn. Both completed all the requirements to be promoted and become members of the Kenpo Black Belt fraternity. I am especially proud of Matt; he started with me when he was 13 years old. He is a previous NASKA National Champion winning numerous major tournaments in both weapons and forms. Matt is featured in my “Competition DVD Training Series” on After graduating from Mosley High School Matt joined the Marine Corp. completed two tours in Iraq and when he separated from the USMC he returned home to go to college and finish what he started - achieve the Black Belt. Ben Tonn has been training with me since was in middle school, has been an assistant instructor teaching intermediate level classes and currently attends Gulf Coast Community College majoring in engineering. Their black belt test took close to four hours to complete and included application of some 250 Kenpo self defense techniques. Matt was especially impressive with his ability to adapt his technique knowledge to fit the situations and variations. Ben was especially impressive with not only his speed but his use of his break-falls and takedowns. Once again, congratulation's men.

Jr. Black Belts
Congratulations to our newest Jr. Black Belts; John Hunter Jr., Jackie Jermyn, Sean and Arieon Gautier. Sean and Arieon are the first brother and sister we have promoted to the Black Belt level. These four completed the 100 self defense technique application test. John, Sean and Arieon all make great grades in school and are members of the Thunderbirds National Karate Team. Each has won several 1st places awards in national level competition including the US Open, Battle of Atlanta, Diamond Nationals and World Martial Arts Festival. Jackie is an excellent student winning academic awards in English, writing competitions and top honors in the Bay County Science Fair more than once. Now they have proven their ability in Kenpo Set Self Defense with this achievement. Jackie tells me she is going to be a doctor, I believe her, she is exceptional. She also tells me she won’t charge me as her patient – I am going to hold her to that, LOL.

Vickie said it best at the promotion ceremony we are both very honored to have been a big part of their lives as they have grown up and achieved this goal.

Posted Nov. 30th, 2009

Christmas Belt Promotion
Our annual Christmas Belt Promotion and Demonstration is scheduled for Thursday December 17th. Once again we will be at the First United Methodist Church on Transmitter Rd. Start time will be 6:00pm.

Belt Testing
Belt testing will be starting the week of December 7th with promotion notices going home that week. All classes will be testing on their respective self defense technique sets. Black Belt testing will be scheduled for each candidate. Friday nights there will be Black Belts available for anyone who wants or needs extra help with testing requirements, start time 6:00pm

Holiday Sales
There is still time for Christmas orders and I will be at the Karate Center, Saturday December 7th from 9:00am till 1:00pm. If you order on this Saturday you will get a 15% discount on all items in the Holiday catalog. Please get your orders in so we can get your purchase in time for the holidays.

More details to follow. If you are not signed up for the Karate Training Centers e-mail, please log onto and get registered.


Thanksgiving Schedule...

Regular classes Monday and Tuesday - November 23rd and 24th, closed on Wed. and Thur. November 25th and 26th for Thanksgiving


Belt Testing and Christmas Promotion Ceremony...

Belt testing for this session begins week of December 7th.

Christmas Demonstration and Promotion Ceremony, Thursday December 17th, start 6pm.

Location: First United Methodist Church on Transmitter Road. More details after Thanksgiving.


Flu In Bay County...

As you know the flu, H1N1 is here in Bay County . I have taken the following precautions at the Karate Training Center to help protect your health. I had Curtis Pennington from American Carpet Cleaners due a full cleaning of the center. He steam cleaned all the mats and sprayed the center with a hospital grade anti-microbial. Vickie purchased a commercial grade spray which we are using in the bathroom, on the door knobs and areas which are common to the touch – we are doing this daily. We have hand sanitizer available in the bathroom and at the front counter, available for all to use. We take your health seriously.


We have several new Jr. Brown Belts; Andy Prater, Ryan Hooks and Austin Givens. Congratulations to these new Brown Belts who now proudly wear the Black Gi.


We have graduated a new “Yellow Belt” class and are certainly proud of each and every one of these students. Pictures are posted at


Red Belt Class - new instructor...

Black Belt Skip Alford is now the instructor for the red belt class. Skip has been with me for 7 years and is very excited about his new position. I know he will work hard to keep the high standard of achievement set in the Red Belt to Brown Belt class.

Kickboxing News; added classes and instructors...

We now have a second kickboxing class offered on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15 to 7:00pm . The class instructor is Mrs. Angel Cox and we sure do appreciate how she and her family have become a part of our program.

I also want to welcome to Crystal Isom our newest Kickboxing instructor. If you haven’t met Crystal yet – she has a great personality and literally brings a world class presence to our facility. Crystal was a member of the United States Air Force women’s boxing team. Crystal will be teaching our Wednesday kardio kickboxing class.

New Black Belt

Congratulations to Matt Peevy for earning his Black Belt! Matt's completed 250 self defense techniques in less than 40 minutes -great job Matt!

New Jr Brown Belt

Congratulations to Blake Barger who passed his Jr Brown Belt test.

July 22nd, Sunshine Classic Karate Tournament

Congrats to Matt Van Genneup for taking 1st place in the mens heavyweight division. Matt won this same division last year and so our winning tradition continues. For those who don't think this sport can get rough Matt sustained a broken nose, came back and still won the division. We are proud of you Matt.

July 24th and 25th Atlanta Georgia - 42nd Battle of Atlanta:

14 members of the Thunderbirds National Karate Team competed at the 42nd Battle of Atlanta - the results; 40 total awards, 11 first places and four team members qualified for the Saturday Afternoon Grand Championships. Special congratulations to Arieon who won four first in the girls advanced division and brought the house down with her performance as the final competitor in the Grand’s. More information and pictures to follow on the Tunderbirds page.

Hey Panama City here is our 2009-2010 Afteschool Sport Karate Program:

Here is a coupon for our afterschool program, if you have any questions please call us at 850-785-2024. This year we will be offering Monday -Friday 2-5:30pm. There are school bus drops for Highland Park, Mowat Middle School and Mosley High directly in front of the Karate Training Center.

June Promotion Pictures;

recieved these from Carol - thank you for all to enjoy!

Kckboxing DVDs now offerd online:

Our K2 Kardio kickboxing DVDs are now available from thru Marty Martin Karate .com Go there

End of Session June Belt Testing/Promotion

Testing will take place the week of June 22nd-June 26th with formal promotions on June 29th and 30th.

Full details are in the news letter section.

Children's Sword Class

Class meets every Tuesday and thursday and includes sword fighting contact! More details are in the Vickie's newsletter. This class is always popular!

Arnis session for June includes "Building a House"

This session meets every Monday and Wednesday and includes 12 count basics, Abinico, V cuts, 6 count give and take drill plus disarms 1-5, remember if you sign up for June, July and August cost is only $50 dollars!

Sign up now for Summer Camp

The June summer camp sign ups are underway sign up at the front counter, class sizes are limited, get your space reserved!

Summer Session details now posted in the newsletter

We are offering Arnis classes on Monday and Wednesdays, weapons specialty classes on Tuesday and Thursdays, sign up now and get a discount on two or more sessions! We are also offering two Karate Camps - details also in the newsletter ... go there

James Thaxton recieved official recognition from Mr. Martin on March 11th. Mr. Thaxton completed his requirements for promotion in 2008 however has been gone on temporay duty with his job. James also completed a "Kicking Defenses" DVD as part of his preparation for advancement. Congratulations to James on his 4th Degree!

News Letter Sign-up Form:

When you first log on to a pop up form will appear and when you enter your name and e-mail you will recieve an confirmation e-mail confirming your request. Shortly thereafter you will reciev another e-mail welcoming you, click on the attachment clip to download your FREE "Stress Relief Guide". Then expect to recieve regular news letter updates with events and information about programs at the Karate Training Center. This is a great way to keep up with what's happening!

Daphne Stebeck earns Kenpo Black Belt: Congratualtions on earning your black belt in Kenpo Set Karate. Daphne has been training at the Karate Center for several years, is a member of the Thunderbirds and has completed in the Battle of Atlanta and US Open Karate championships.

Panama City's Got Talent Review:

Matt Hunter had kids at school say they saw him on TV, Matt Watson had family call him, we had messages on the answering machine at the Karate Center, people are watching...our personal thanks to Dan Rogo, producer of the show. Watch every Sunday this month for another segment about Mr. Martin.

Afterschool Sport Karate Up and Running :

Our new year afterschool sport karate program is up and running, if you want to get your kids involved bring them down! Here are action shots from the first week.

Afterschool Sport Karate

What are your kids doing afterschool? Ours are active and safe...Are you kids doing there homework, are they watching TV or on the internet? Think you can't afford it? Try our this coupon on our Merchant Circle or come in today!! We have bus drop offs for Hiland Park, Mowat Midlle School and Mosely High right in front of the Karate Center.

Marty Martin on Panama City's Got Talent:

Mr Martin is being featured on Fox 28' local television show highlighting area talent, the show airs on Sunday Nights at 9:30pm. Produced by Dan Rogo of Studio 1, Mr. Martin will be highlighted over the course of several shows. Want a sneak peek?

Congratulations Brian Reindl and John Johnson 2nd Degree
Dec. 19th,2008 Brian and John earned their 2nd Degree Black Belts from Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin and Brian Reindl, Jan 7th, 2009; John Johnson and Mr. Martin Jan. 10th, 2009

Martin Tadlock and Jerry Alford earn 1st Black Belt:

Congratulations to both these gentleman who earned their 1st Degree Black Belts in Kenpo Set Karate from Profesor Martin Dec 19th, 2008.

Added Plyometrics for Kids DVD click here:

This new DVD is part of my Saturday Morning Kids Club, it demonstrates 6 skills through 9 different drills that help build strength and explosiveness to jump higher and move faster.

New Kicking Defenses DVD with James Thaxton click here:

This DVD explains 20 different kicking defenses, Edward Flowers did a great job helping as James partner for demonstration of this set! Check out the preview!

Check out the Thunderbirds Tour 2008 Poster; click here:

Halloween Bash is Smashing Success...for pictures click here:

See pictures from the party, thanks to everyone who donated treats!

Disney Bling

Oct 24th and 25th 2008, several members of the Thunderbirds participated in the Disney Martial Arts Festival held at the Wide World of Sports Orland Florida. The tournament was well run and good sized with competitiors from several countries. Every team member brought home "Disney" awards!

Oct 10th and 11th 2008, Bloomington , MN Diamond National World Karate Championships

Matt Hunter won four 1st places! Matt won the 8/9 yr old intermediate Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms and Sparring divisions. Coach Martin “this is a really exceptional performance, the Diamond Nationals is the best run tournament on the NASKA circuit. To win is great, too win four first places is very special! Way to go Matt!!!”

18th Annual Southern Open, Phenix City, Al. Oct 4th, 2008

I am really proud of the team members who went to and won at this event! They faced strong competition from other teams - Elite, ProRank, Kick Team, Team ATL. This might have been a smaller tournament but was full of talented competitors - thanks to Young S Won the promoter. More results for each athlete on the Thunderbirds page.

Christopher Johnson Earns Jr. Black Belt.

Chris Johnson earned his Jr. Black Belt at Marty Martin’s Karate Training Centers , Panama City, Florida . Chris completed his test performing 100 Kenpo self defense techniques on his partner to complete his black belt test.

Casey Hayes Earns Jr. Black Belt.

Casey Hayes earned his Jr. Black Belt at Marty Martin’s Karate Training Centers , Panama City, Florida . Casey completed his test performing 100 Kenpo self defense techniques on his partner to complete his black belt test.

Jacob Eadie Student of the Month and Rising Star!

Jacob Eadie is both August 2008 Student of the Month and Rising Star! This is a first, no student at the Karate Training Centers has ever received this award. Jacob has attitude and his dedication to training have made him the choice for this award.

Thunderbirds win at the "2008 Sunshine Classic”!

Kate Lynn Ross, John Hunter, Matt Hunter, Areion Gautier, Shawn Gautier, Josh Powell all won 1st place awards at the 2008 Sunshine Classic held by the World Yoshukai Karate Kobudo Organization. Panama City Beach , Florida .

Thunderbirds win at the “Battle of Atlanta”!

Thunderbirds win lots at the “Battle of Atlanta”, members of the Thunderbirds from Marty Martin’s Karate Training Centers once again show their stuff. Every member of the team brought home awards from the 41st Battle held August 1st and 2nd at the Hilton Hotel, Atlanta Ga.

Matt Watson wins Creative Weapons and Traditional Kata.

Matt Watson wins both the men’s Creative Weapons and Traditional Kata advanced division at the 41st Battle of Atlanta. Matt has gone undefeated this season – a great accomplishment since his 5 year absence serving the United States Marine Corp.

Matt VanGennep wins 3rdplace Battle of Atlanta.

Matt VanGennep wins 3rd place in the men’s heavyweight division at the 41st Battle of Atlanta. Matt once again displayed why he is feared in the heavyweight division he moves like no other big man on the circuit right now.

Mr. Martin Promoted!

Marty Martin promoted to 8th Dan Black Belt. Chicago Il. June 26th, 2008 , Mister Al Tracy and 10th Degree Grand Master of Kenpo Karate promoted Mister Martin to his 8th Degree for Mister Martin’s Contributions to the martial arts and the art of Kenpo Karate.

Zach Kubisz National Champion for 2007.

Zachary Kubisz 2007 National Champion in NASKA 8 and under Boys Sparring. Zach received his award at the annual NASKA Awards banquet held in Louisville Kentuck y. Zach is pictured with memmbers of Team Side Swipe from America's Got T alent.

Matt VanGennep takes 2nd at AKA Nationals.

Matt VanGennep wins second place men’s heavyweight sparring at the AKA Nationals, Louisville Kentucky . Fighting out of Marty Martin’s Karate Training Centers, Matt VanGennep was a devastating presence at this years NASKA Nationals. Winning his first 2 fights 7-0 and 7-2 Matt’s speed, size and ability left spectators in awe. Matt went out strong against Ross Levine the current World Heavyweight Champion and scored first. The score was tied 3-3 going into the final seconds when Ross pulled a quick hook kick to score or it could have gone into overtime.

Matt Watson wins weapons division at US Open.

Matt Watson wins the Men’s creative Weapons Division at the US Open Karate Championships in Orlando . Fl. July 5th, 2008 . Matt Watson competing out of Marty Martin’s Karate Training Centers took first place using a new Kama form developed by Coach Martin. This was Matt’s first tournament after several years being out of the martial arts and completing four years in the Marine Corp.

Marty Martin Inducted into the Battle of Atlanta Hall of Fame.

August 1st. Atlanta , GA. Panama City’s Marty Martin was inducted into the BATTLE OF ATLANTA HALL OF FAME at the 41st Battle of Atlanta held at the Atlanta Hilton and Towers.


More than 2,000 competitors from all over the world competed in 35 Battlefields of competition over two days, and the "Officers" in Charge, included Mr. Martin, 8th Degree Black Belt, as one of the key officials in the event. Mister Martin started his martial arts training in the 1960’s in Livermore , California . He started guiding students in the martial arts in 1969 and has taught several thousand students since. His participation as an athlete, coach and official have added greatly to the success of the many events held at the “Battle of Atlanta”. "Motivating our students and competitors, inspiring them to reach goals and levels of accomplishments they did not feel they could achieve otherwise is what makes this special", Mr. Martin said. "It is rewarding to help develop focus, concentration, confidence and personal discipline!" That motivation and drive was everywhere this year at the Battle of Atlanta. "We felt such great energy everywhere", Joe Corley said, and we were proud to induct Marty as he has been a long time participant here at the battle. And it is my pleasure to honor him as we celebrate the 41st anniversary of one of the world's foremost events."


Mister Martin's certificate reads as follows:


Mister Marty Martin

having devoted 40 years to the development and furtherance of the character qualities of courage, focus, determination and leadership in the students in his charge, and having demonstrated the personal dedication, mentoring and leadership to share the spirit and principles of the martial arts to the public in Panama City , Florida . and having given freely of personal time to those thousands of students in Martial Arts competition who have strived for victory and who have learned from his direction and mentoring and having WALKED THE TALK for those many years, the above named BLACK BELT LEADER is hereby inducted into

BATTLE OF ATLANTA HALL OF FAME this 1st day of August, 2008




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